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Project List 2012!!!

The grand total of this years completed projects come to 158, not counting some duplicates. Not bad. What is bad is that it took me four months to put this list together...

here there be a gratuitous amount of pictures of everything I made last yearCollapse )


So, at least I was better than last year. Still aiming for that 100 piece goal, though. Maybe in 2012 if we don't all die horribly!

Anyhow, a lot of this stuff was either made for the shop (all the funny colored stuffed animals) or for Christmasapalooza, which I really went overboard on this year. I started making Christmas presents in the beginning of SEPTEMBER there is clearly something wrong with me.

PS this thing is seven pages long in Word with just the links and not the actual photos showing, so that gives you an idea of how much crap is on here.

Anyway, STUFF!

2011 Project list

1. Utena Quilt

2. Seaweed Ambassador

3. Narwhals – I’m not even really sure how many. More than ten, at least three of them special.

Princess Narwhal!

Mini princess narwhal!

4. Red Ed Jacket – don’t have a photo, I was wearing it. There’s a picture around here somewhere.

5. Geda

Aw yeah, wooden shoes.

6. Urahara cosplay – There’s a photo somewhere. Chels has it I think. I do not.

7. Adam Lambear

Obviously a commission.

8. Misfit fish pair 1 – which should count as two items but whatever.

Both made for the first set of misfits, and both have sold already!

9. Misfit Elephant A

Made for the first set of misfits and already sold!

10. Misfit Giraffe A

Made for the first set and already sold!

11. Misfit pink pony

Made for the first set and already sold!

12. Misfit blue pony

Made for the first set and already sold!

13. Misfit Octopus A

Made for the first set and already sold!

14. Misfit whale

Made for the first set and already sold!

15. Ringbearer pillows for a friend’s wedding.

16. Yankees Baby Quilts – there are two of them! But they are the same.

17. Long Wallet for Mom

18. Misfit elephant B

A tie-dye elephant! I actually made two of these, the second one during Christmas craftapalooza. This particular one was made for the second misfit set and is already sold!

19. Misfit giraffe B

Made for the second set and is already sold!

20. Misfit fish pair B

Both of these were made for the second set and are already sold

21. Misfit alligator A

Made for the second set and already sold!

22. Misfit Stegosaurus

Made for the second set and already sold!

23. Misfit Brachiosaurus

Made for the second set and already sold!

24. Misfit whale – dorsal fin

Made for the second set, but he’s still waiting to be sold.

25. Misfit Owl

Made for the second set and is already sold!

26. Misfit Octopus B

Made for the second set and is already sold!

27. Lavender Unicorn

Made for the second set and is already sold!

28. Misfit rainbow fish

Made for the second set and he finally sold after the third set was brought in.

29. Misfit Blue Elephant

Made for the third set and sold!

30. Misfit Green Giraffe

Made for the third set and sold!

31. Hot Pink Zebra Pegasus

Made for the third set and sold almost immediately!

32. Misfit Rainbow Octopus

Made for the third set and sold!

33. Misfit Striped Alligator

Made for the third set, still waiting to be sold.

34. Misfit Snake

Made for the third set and sold!

35. Misfit Crab

Made for the third set and sold!

36. Misfit Lobster

Made for the third set and still waiting to be sold.

37. Navaho Pony

Made for the third set and already sold!

38. Yankee’s Blanket – which is just a few yards of Yankees fleece with blanket binding sewn on. No pic.

39. Vikings Applique Pillows

40. Knitted slippers – three pairs!

41. Apple and Pear Apron

42. Spinosaurus dinosaur plush

Part one of a set of three strange dinosaurs.

43. Stygimoloch dinosaur plush

Weird dino number two.

44. Compsognathus dinosaur plush

And this completes the trio.

45. Tripod flying pig figure

46. Buffalo! (technically bison) I made three purple and one brown!

47. Giant Squid plush (I made three of these and they all sold on etsy!)

There’s one of them, chilling in my sewing chair so you can see just how big he is.

48. Painted shirts

49. Black scarf

50. MSD flowers sundress

51. Armwarmers

With Katie as a handmodel!

52. Ameribag type bag

53. Dolly bed

54. Dolly Closet

55. Applejack tote bag

56. Mini pig!

57. Jake from Adventuretime!

58. Narwhal stenciled bag

59. Miniature pinscher tote bag

60. Flower tote bag

61. Rocket tote bag

62. Panda tote bag

63. Beaded Trim Sari bag

64. Cat tote bag

65. Flying pig tote bag

66. Regina Spektor Tote bag

67. Elmo hat

68. Two Giant Brobees!

69. Tophat shark!

70. Gregorio (fancy muffindog plush)

71. Disney Villains Quilt
Yeah, I don't post too much any more. But I LIVE so there's that?



Because this insanity is a viable possibility in Mississippi.

And we can't say "oh, it's just Mississippi" or "oh, it's just the South." Because getting legislation this insane and damaging on the books in any state is a threat to the rights of every woman in this country. It only takes once case to get taken to the United States Supreme Court for this to become federal law. THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO GODDAMN RIGHT TO MY UTERUS OR ANYBODY ELSE'S. WHAT THE FUCK EVEN. This is completely unacceptable, rage-inducing, and terrifying.

I'm not even going to start on my feelings about the cross cowardice and fucking self-centeredness of elected officials who won't stand up for the basic rights of 50% of their constituency to decide what happens in their own goddamn bodies, or on the fact that Mississippi is one of the lowest ranked states as far as education and unemployment and one of the highest ranked states in poverty and unplanned pregnancies. Mostly because my general rage over this issue will cause my HEAD TO EXPLODE if I go on about it for too long. THIS PROPOSED AMENDMENT WILL HELP NO ONE. NOT SOCIETY, NOT THE ECONOMY, AND ESPECIALLY NOT WOMEN. In fact, it will basically be disastrous on every possible level.

I am moving to Canada if this shit starts passing into general government. I'm not even kidding.


Ohai, Eljay. I am not dead! I just... haven't posted in forever. I really need to remember that I have a livejournal, haha, for more than just craft posts.

THAT BEING SAID, here's a craft post! It's my 2010 craft roundup. Herein lies all the crap I made last year. It's a pretty meager list compared to 2009, but I owe that partially to the fact that I stopped doing swaps because I'm poor.

Cut for your convienience because there are kiiiind of a lot of pictures :/Collapse )

SAD AND PATHETIC. I didn't even get to fifty this year :< And 2011 is even worse because I have been floppy like a wet noodle so far. January is almost over and I have only made one thing! Granted, it was a pretty big thing AND my sewing machine is dead (CRIES CRIES FOREVER) but still. I need to get in gear. Somebody give me that iron-pumping plurk emote!


Fandom Steelcage Match March Madness has started again!

VOTE SAM CARTER! Because, at the very least, a vote for Sam Carter is a vote against Dean Winchester. I'm not holding a grudge at all.

Also, vote Donna Noble because Ten's not even in the running.

wtf srsly?

Okay, the snow is already up to my freaking rib cage, and it's still happily blustering away out there. I ask you, do we REALLY need MORE? I heard somewhere that it wasn't supposed to stop until SUNDAY. It started on THURSDAY. If it keeps going til Sunday, I will be COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY SNOWED IN. THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE FROM MY HOUSE. WTF?! THIS IS NOT THE FUCKING ALPS, I SHOULD NOT BE TRAPPED IN MY CHALET BY A MOUNTAIN OF SNOW WITH SKIERS DOING JUMPS OFF MY FUCKING ROOF.

When supplies run out, I will have to eat my dogs.

Snowmageddon has landed.

They say if the snow on the roof is too heavy the ceiling will cave in. His brains are in terrible danger! *10 points for anyone who recognizes that*


Aaand the etsy is up and running! *phew* That was a lot of work. Hopefully it pays off :3

Go here!!


out of the blue

Can ANYONE please tell me why I all of a sudden really want this and this??? Better yet, can anyone tell be why they are so astronomically expensive?

Masterlist - Dolls

Here's the big one, my master list of dolls. I will be keeping it up to date with any new dolls I make.

All these dolls were constructed by me and the patterns are mine unless otherwise noted.

Miss Edith needs her tea . . .Collapse )

Masterlist - Customized Bears

My complete list of finished customized teddy bears - called Furlings by some - is in here. I will be keeping it updated with each one I do. The bears are all store bought, but all the clothing and accessories were made by me, from patterns to execution, except where I could supplement Build-a-Bear items for things that are harder to construct like glasses and shoes.

All the little bears in uniform?Collapse )

Masterlist - Plushies

Okay, so this is a master list of all the plushies I have made. I will be keeping it updated because I am neurotic and obsessive compulsive with each new plushie I make.

All plushies are made 100% by me, from the pattern through the construction.

Plushies Galore!Collapse )

farewell, sanity

Tapping, tapping, tapping, TAPPING. I feel like a character from one of Poe's stories (only I'm female and not either dead or buried alive). There is a CONSTANT TAPPING on the window through all the daylight hours and I don't know what to do about it.

Here is the demon that plagues my days.

It is a maniacal cardinal. I don't know whether he sees a rival in his reflection on the window or if he just does it to drive me insane. He's been doing it since the fall (I was only recently able to snap a picture of him, though) and even the dogs have stopped barking at him. They just don't care anymore. But I do. I hear it in my sleep. It wakes me up. It's driving me to distraction.

All told, I'd prefer a raven. At least they provide light conversation, even if it is only a reply of one word. The damn cardinal just attacks the window and flaps it's wings like a reject from the cast of Hitchcock's The Birds.

2009 Project List!

Yaaay, the post no one but me has been waiting for, a full catalog of what I did in the last year, with pictures! Because I would rather procrastinate than make things. Honestly, I don’t know how I made this many things in one year with my extremely un-industrious personality.

Holy Exploded Sewing machine, Batman!Collapse )

Well, that was intense. And that was a list that didn't include some of the teeny things I made, like the small legions of bookmarks I designed on photoshop, and some single polyclay things that didn't have sets. Clearly, I have no life outside my craft supplies and sewing machine. (PS – it really did explode! But it’s better now). I am productive, though, which makes me happy.

Aaaarg, it be the Kraken!

Tauri is being attacked by a giant squid! Aaaaah!

one more, :PCollapse )

I love that frikkin squid. I might have to make one for me (not that I need another stuffed animal . . .).

So, I'm compiling a masterlist of all the crafts I made this year. Yeah, I should be done with that by never June.


thanks, Wiki

I was just randomly on wikipedia looking at authors (because I was just watching the BBC's Miss Austen Regrets and I couldn't remember what disease it was that historians eventually decided she died of) and I wandered over to Connie Willis' page. Wiki tells me that Willis is finally coming out with another novel (the last one she wrote was Passage in 2002). It also tells me (and amazon.com confirmed) that the new novel, Blackout (and it's second volume, All-Clear) will be set in my beloved 2060 Oxford! <3

Doomsday Book, which was her first novel set in the near-future Oxford college Balliol, was possibly the most brilliant work of contemprorary (are we still in contemporary?) science fiction literature I have read. Now, I know that doesn't sound like much because most of the stuff I read was originally published before the year 1900, but still. And To Say Nothing of the Dog, which is the second novel coming out of Balliol, is still, eleven years after I first read it, one of my favorite books ever.

So, needless to say, I am super excited for February when Blackout comes out! Yay, more Dunworthy!!! I hope Ned Henry makes an appearance, because I am a little in love with him. Gah, I love Connie Willis! Yaaaaay!



little Christmas fic

I wrote this little Ouran Christmas fic for shinebunny over on holiday_ouran, so I thought I'd share.

title: Souvenir
rating/warning: eh, PG, no warnings, 'tis not at all shocking
characters/pairings: Haruhi/Kyoya, with appeareances by the rest of the boys
word count: 2,402
summary: Haruhi goes to a Christmas party at Kyoya's after being away from high school and the Host Club for five years.

SouvenirCollapse )


Oh. Man.

Who remembers this show?

Holy Crap, 80s. You made some weird shit.

I loved that show though.

Zoobilee Zoo is freaking Furry patient zero or something, jeez.



David Tennant is officially the most adorable man on Earth.

This is the first of his CBeebies bedtime stories. It was originally recorded and ripped by lj user pineapple_sky on my Tennant community, but I had to reupload it to share because it is insanely adorable. And there's a narwhal!

The story is called "Miki" by Stephen Mackey.

Download here!

Moar Questions

Leave me a comment saying "Adventure is Out There!" and I will respond by asking you five questions that satisfy my curiosity. Update your journal with the answers to the questions, including this in the post.

spectre_rougeCollapse )


It is already December 3rd and the PANIC is SETTING IN. It is CRAFTAPALOOZA in my house right now, a slightly neurotic and anxiety-attacky flurry of fabrics and threads and yarns as I attempt to make something for everyone. I've made good progress (since I started like a month ago), and intellectually I know I'll be fine and I'll get everything done, but I have this guttural terror of not getting everything done.

But lately I have made some cool things, if I do say so myself.

a narwhal!?Collapse )

Link, he come to town . . . Collapse )

Mini Master!Collapse )

Whooo Scaaaarf!Collapse )

Manga bag, featuring Hayate!Collapse )

Whoo, I've been busy. Yup. I've made more stuff than that but I can't share it yet :3