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Oh, bloody hell

And the gods themselves do tremble.

30 December
You might not guess it when you look at me, but I come from humble, geek infested roots. I started watching sci-fi when I was about eleven or twelve, with Space Cases, then Star Trek and Star Wars and Buffy and Firefly and Stargate (SG1 and SGA), so I am pretty much a total geek. But it doesn't end there, cuz I am a geek for many things. Next to sci-fi, my geekness mostly centers around english literature (such as anything by a Bronte or Jane Austen) and dogs (epsecially corgi dogs). So, yeah, this journal is basically a testiment to my geekness, and contains all things geek, such as geeky icons I made or dolls that I sewed and so on. Yeah. But I am a geek, I acknowledge it, and I embrace it. So, here I am.

And now for a gratuitous amount of color bars~!

SPACE! is love.

Roy-tachi is love.

Doctor Who is love

Pride and Prejudice is love

Corgis are love

Jane Eyre is love

Babylon 5 is love.